Yang Xiaoguang

Master Candidate
Software Engineering, Software College, Zhejiang University
Tel: +86-135-880-27910
Email: yxgup@163.com


About Me

I got Bachelor's degree from Hebei Normal University in June, 2009, major in computer science and technology.

I am pursuing my Master's degree in the Software College of Zhejiang University since September, 2009.

I joined Pervasive Computing Lab in October, 2010 to do my master's thesis under the guidance of Associate Professor Chen Ling.


My Research

Grayscale Image Colorization with Different Algorithms, 2007.01 ~ 2007.08

Detection of Moving Objects from Video Sequences, 2009.04 ~ 2009.05

Research of Mobile Augmented Reality Registration Based on Vision and Sensor, 2010.10 ~ now, and this is my master's thesis direction.


I'm also interested in image process, operating system, network programing.