Tu Ding

Tu Ding

Ph.D Candidate
pervasive computing lab
College of Computer Science
ZheJiang university


           I got a bachelor in CS from ZJU(ZheJiang University). Now I am a Ph.D candidate in pervasive computing lab under Pro. Chen G C(since September 2009) .

          My future research will focus on the unstructured data management.



           My recent research work will mainly focus on the dataspace . The dataspace is a new data management  abstraction .  A DataSpace support platform offers a suit of interrelated services and guarantees that enable developers to focus on the specific challenges of their applications rather than on the recurring challenges involved in dealing consistently and efficiently with large amounts of interrelated but disparately managed data.

           The photo on the left is the interface of iMemex (a personal dataspace management platform developed by Dr Jens Drith and his Ph.D students)