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Master Candidate

Work hard, Play hard

About Me

      I got a bachelor in CS from ECUST (East China University of Science and Technology, ShangHai).
      I have study for master's degree in ZheJiang University since Sep.,2008.
      I'm interested in development.
      I'm very friendly and welcome to our lab.

My Research

      Because this is my first term for master's degree. So I have not chose my research content.
      But I'm doing some project which I'm interested in.

Title: Base on a single acceleration sensor to estimate the walking distance
Detail: With a 3-x acceleration(fixed on leg) which can send acceleration data to computer
through Bluethooth, I will estimate the walking distance.

Equipment(Wii-Remote,a 3-x acceleration inside)
there is a step between two pink vertical line
the position the acceleration fixed on

Title: An Indoor Location System based Wireless Network
Detail: with the Fingerprint approach, we get the walk's location in a zigbee-network. I'm still studying on it.

Contact Me

TEL: +86-158-6846-3049
E-MAIL: yangqinger@gmail.com