CS Student / Machine Learning & Activity Recognition Researcher/

Zhejiang University.


I'm a new student in cs of Zhejiang University. I love calligraphy, music and machine learning. Most my research projects have been exciting combinations of these three elements. My ultimate goal is to make computers learn, understand, and appreciate the semantic content behind multimodal signals as humans do (or, even beyond what humans can do).

My research interests include machine learning, bio/multimodal signal processing, human activity recognition context-aware mobile applications. Before joining zju, I received my bachelor's degree in Information Management and Information System at Economics and Management school of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University. My current work mainly focus on how to improve the accuracy of activity recognition by information fusion between bio-signal and common sensor . Other Project.....

For more information please refer to my resume in HTML | PDF . You can also reach me at guohd2010@163.com.

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CS Student | Machine Learning & Activity Recognition Researchor | Zhejiang University.

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