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Master Candidate

About Me

      I got a bachelor in CS from CQU (CHONGQING UNIVERSITY, ChongQing).
      I will study for master's degree in ZheJiang University since Sep.,2009.
      I'm interested in development.
      I'm very friendly and welcome to our lab.

My Research

      Because this is my first term for master's degree. So I have not chosen my research content.
      But I'm doing some project which I'm interested in.

Title: Social Environment Identification System Based on Bluetooth Technology
Detail: This project is designed for blindmen.It contains a client and a server.The client is installed on a mobile phone.When the blindman passes by a friend or arrives a place that the system recognizes,the client on the phone will speak the name of the people or place to remind the blindman.

Contact Me

TEL: 137-5815-9891
E-MAIL: 52chenri@gmail.com